Friday, June 20, 2008


20th June It has been a long day.

20th June - the longest day. Or is it?
I always believed that 21st June was the longest day, but now realise that there are variations. But I think that this year we can assume that tomorrow will be the longest day.
Today has actually felt several hours too long already!

I suppose that after the activities of yesterday, then today was bound to feel a bit flat. And the weather hasn't helped - not very summery at all, with a chilly wind.
But today things have gone wrong.
Today when I returned to the computer after lunch to continue to describe books I realised that something had happened.
The computer had switched itself off and then re-started.
Just one thing had suffered - Turbo Lister, where I store my described items for EBay.
I save and back up very regularly - but had not done so half way through my task.
So, when I finally got Turbo Lister back running again there was none of my morning's work.
I didn't really feel like getting it all done again and then Frieda came and I welcomed her in and put the kettle on and forgot about EBay for the time being.

But I couldn't forget EBay problems for long. The obnoxious weasly customer who had suggested I was ripping people off with postage charges was back again.
He knows that he is right and I am wrong!
He tells me the book weighs just over 400 grams when I I know it actually weighs 709 grams.
He knows that even if I charged as much as £1.58 and posted 1st class that I would still have enough money for a padded envelope.
I don't what book he is thinking of - he tells us that he sold a copy of it himself earlier this year. I am sure it was not the same as the book he has won in auction.
I have told him that booksellers (professional full time dealers with shops) who sell on are offering the book with postage ranging from £3.35 to £4.25.
But the "customer is always right" and I want to be rid of him.
So I have sent an invoice again for the book plus the amount that he instructs me to put in as the postage cost.

It happens to be the book I commented on earlier this week on this blog. The one I had re listed about Liverpool during WW2. The winning bid had been quite high I thought and I only paid 10p for the book. So, in the end I won't lose financially on it.

But it makes my blood boil!

Fortunately EBay problems are very rare - and normally are very solvable.

I am hoping that the true longest day will feel a lot more stimulating and positive.
If the weather is fine we will go the boot sale at Ford and then maybe into Littlehampton for a stroll.

Wherever you are I hope you have a good weekend.