Tuesday, June 10, 2008


10 June The Monks at a wedding.

I now present to you The Monk family gathered together on 7th June 2008 for Michelle and Rob's wedding.

Bill is the eldest of 10 and all were there, except the baby - Ian; he lives in Scotland. Ian is of course no longer a baby - he is 48.

I have put the pictures of the family with the oldest first.

There are pictures of the people they married too; I cheated with one of them, for there was no picture of Geoff. So, I found a good picture from a 2006. Sorry Geoff!

There are some of our nephews and nieces included because they were at the wedding too.

On the morning of the wedding I thought back to our generation's weddings and thought fondly of the old Aunties who would gather for a natter and the old Uncles who liked to remember their youth and have a beer or two!

We are those old Aunties and Uncles now!

Aplogies to the non Monks who might look regularly at my blog - very boring for you today.

Bill, the elder statesman of the family!

Paula - who probably knows more than many others about the family as a result of probing for the family tree.

Julie and her husband Roger. They have always been involved in the local cycle club - as was Bill in the old days.

Julie talks to Jane - the next one down in age.
Jane has all manner of health problems these days.

Jane with our nephew "young" Michael. Michael is the son of brother Michael (Mick) - and of course the brother of the bride.

Jane's husband Geoff. I was at school with Geoff in 1955! This picture was taken at our house.

Sheila - plagued with back problems and awaiting surgery.

Sheila's husband Dave.

Pam, who is sadly a widow.

Pam's 2 children - Antony and Fiona.

Two pictures of Fiona - artistic and tattoed. She works in graphic design. We don't see enough of her.

Ros and her husband Harry. They now live on the Isle of Wight.

Ros, Julie and Sheila showing that the "old" aunties still know how to have a good time!

Andrew - looking rather like his Father.
Andrew is divorced. He has worked in building in Germany. He lives in Crawley once again, but tends to keep himself to himself.
Michael - "I will relax and enjoy the wedding!"

Michael and Beverley with their daughter Michelle and their grandchildren, Callum and Kayleigh.
Bev is a nurse at the East Surrey Hospital - not in the ward I was in, but she often came to see me during her breaks and was so helpful and kind.

Lesley. She was a bridesmaid at our wedding in 1965, when she looked like Alice in Wonderland!

Lesley's husband Peter and their son David.

Michelle and her sister Katie.