Monday, June 16, 2008


16th June. Working hard in Monkland

Today we have pushed ourselves to get some work done.
There was no cup of tea in bed this morning - up, washed, dressed and breakfasted and ready for a number of tasks.
First there were yet more forms to be filled in as a result of the accident.
How many times do they need to know that I give permission for my medical records to be looked at?
I got busy with wrapping.
I had 12 items finishing today - all were re-lists and 8 of them are now sold. Hooray! That's less for me to sort out in the days and weeks ahead.
Bill has been in the garage putting up the shelves that came home from the shop. Before long it will be the neatest stock room you can imagine.
But for now there are old shelves and things that have been used in the garage out in the garden.
They are now a bit of a problem for we have no local amenity rubbish centre to take it to.
We had one - quite new and in a strange way I felt proud of this facility in my town for it was a well run, efficient and had a 21st century air about it.
But it burnt down last week and we will be without it for about a year.
We may have to take the larger items of rubbish to Horsham - the very limited facilities in Crawley (just some skips) are now only available for use at weekends for small items only.
I made a start today on going through boxes brought home from the shop - making a pile of things that could be sold on EBay and perhaps readjusting some prices for things which will go to a car boot sale.
But I wonder if some of my immediate plans might change.
Jo rang this morning and suggested we went out tomorrow morning. We will go to Dorking and I will see Pilgrims, the shop she is in. She has been renting a couple of cabinets, but it seems certain that she she will take over a space that has been offered to her and I am wondering about taking over the 2 cabinets for Bill and me - if they will have us.
I don't want my stuff locked away because it isn't that special really - but neither do I want a larger space just now. We would have all the problems of sorting out shelving once again.
Who knows? I just feel if the chance came our way, then we ought to take it.
So, perhaps I won't take my better stuff to a car boot sale just yet.
Soon I was busy with invoices and payments and later off up the road to the post office once again.
Do you know they have a new rule? Parcels for overseas must not have combined dimensions above 60cms for printed paper or 90cms for small packets. But Brenda (post office lady) didn't really know what to do with my large sized, lightweight book for Australia and the computer seemed to suggest that the amount I had estimated for by weight alone was the correct one.
The scales for postage are just crazy these days and catch people unawares.
If you send an elaborate pop up greetings card or maybe a padded one it should be sent as a Large Letter and not just a Letter, because it is just a bit thicker.
But on with the work. I topped and tailed some gooseberries that Stella brought for us. I poured some jelly over slices of stale honey cake (gluten free) to make a sort of trifle.
We will have some with a cuppa in a minute.
Bill is walking round like he has been on a horse for the day - legs bowed and stiff. I feel weary too. But at least we can feel satisfied that we have achieved something.
Time for some relaxation.