Saturday, June 21, 2008


21st June Saturday at home.

Circumstances have led to a gentle day.
It was raining when we awoke, so the trip to Ford was off.
Soon we realised that a trip to Faygate would also not be suitable and by 9 o'clock we could see that the car boot sale at Maidenbower School would be a dead loss too.
Ah well - "we can always go to Blindley Heath at lunchtime " we said, as the weather improved; but we got held up and so we didn't go.
The hold up was caused by a government survey.
We had had a letter saying that we had been picked at random by The Home Office to answer questions about crime and punishment.
The man who came was very pleasant and it was all too easy to get into conversation with him as well as answering the questions.
So we stayed at home.
I got out jigsaw puzzles and sat with them and the European Cup - athletics, that is, not football.
I enjoy this competition because the athletes are part of a team and every point gained is worthwhile.
I have seen some of the football on other days - I felt aggrieved with the Croatians last night. It is just possible they "was robbed". Turkey scored with the last kick of the match which might have been 4 seconds after the final whistle should have been blown.
One of my jig saws had a piece missing. Fortunately with the Good Companions puzzles I know how many pieces there should be and careful counting tells whether it is worthwhile proceeding. But I am working on one now which shows people in Tudor times watching a Punch and Judy Show.
We watched Dr Who. For those that don't appreciate this science fiction I should point out that it is not all monsters, but rather a surreal interlacing of time and space - a bit weird in other words, but clever.
After that we loaded up the car in hope that tomorrow will be dry and we can take the load to a car boot sale to sell.
And that basically has been my day.
We will get up quite early in the morning to see what is happening outdoors. We have not fully decided our destination yet.