Friday, May 23, 2014


Endoscopy Day

To sum up - tired
Sedation worked well for me. Felt nothing until I came round.
I am still not sure why I had this procedure. Never had the pancreas or liver been mentioned.
I know that Dr O wanted to help me. But his hands are tied, because I am now under a hospital consultant, who should arrange a CT scan, once the first results from Monday are in.
Anyway - today.
Well, I don't have stomach cancer.
I do have gastritis, probably mild. May need medication.
I don't have helicobactor pylori, which can lead to ulcers
Got back to Jenny's and happily spent time with the family.
Suddenly I could take no more, I needed sleep.
Upstairs with warm sun streaming through windows. Wonderful sleep.
I haven't been down again. Am I learning about living alone?
I start tomorrow.
I think it will be hard as I feel so week. But I must take on these new challenges.
And, it's only a week until I have responsibility for Bill again.
It feels a weird world.