Monday, February 15, 2010


Busy day for all.

Hands up who feels tired!
And other hand up if you have felt chilly today...... now that is most people with 2 hands in the air!
Oh to be in Thailand eh?

The shop was indeed very chilly to start with.
We had too many heaters on for Stephen's liking - understandable, I guess, because he pays the electricity bill.
But it took a long time to warm up and customers commented.
Bill and Monika both got chilled and then couldn't warm up all day.
I put some extra money in the tea and coffee fund with a note to say that I was paying towards extra electricity.
If we are to welcome customers then the place must be warm.

But there were plenty of customers.
I seemed to have been busy wrapping and packing for customers for much of the day.
Bill was busy sorting out the lighting in his cabinet.
Monika and Julie were being their normal selves - sweet and lovely, but often off out somewhere.
I have sold beautiful dessert wine glasses and plates and a teapot set and all sorts - and even sold a couple of items for me.
Bill sold a model racing car to the wife of an Italian who drove this racing car. He took part in many of the big road races - Le Mans, Mille Miglia etc.
I was able to spend some time taking some photos for the shop blog.
There is a new window display and Sue, must have had a similar idea to me - back to the kitchen, because tomorrow is pancake day.
I shall have to buy a new frying pan in the morning!

Ashley and Ektarina have been to London.
They have watched street entertainers at Covent Garden and been to the British Museum, where Ecky did a museum trail.

Tomorrow is a day for some relaxation. I don't think any of us will leave Crawley.