Tuesday, February 16, 2010

At last!
A cup of tea in bed!
The morning was leisurely.
Ashley went to church. Ekatarina had a bath and hair wash.

The weather was awful - incessant heavy rain for much of the morning.

We went into town - needed supplies of blackcurrant drink, apple juice, bread and seemingly many other things.
I did buy a small frying pan.
We also went to Marks and Spencers who have a tie up with The Times this week and are giving free books away - a Percy Jackson tale (he is half boy and half God - father was Poseidon) by Rick Riordan.
Ecky read yesterday's free book within 24 hours. It has 264 pages.

At lunch time we made pancakes.

Silly woman hadn't even taken her hat off!

This pancake nearly got away from me!

Having lots of fun and successfully tossing the pancake.

This afternoon has been quiet.
I did the Pilgrim's Antique Centre blog whilst Ecky did lots of Facebook quiz and questionnaires - what sort of mythical monster are you? And that sort of thing.


Ashley was off to church again this evening.
This is an important time for Christians.
It may be Pancake Day - but it is also the day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.
Ashley will be in church again tomorrow.
Ecky and I are going to the cinema to see The Princess and the Frog.
I can't begin to think how long it is since I have been to the cinema - long before Ecky was born.