Monday, June 30, 2008


30th June. Murraymania has set in.

Phew! That was hard work!
Watching tennis matches can feel like it is not just the players involved in an epic titanic struggle.
Of course I am referring to a match with a British tennis player. We have moved on effortlessly from Tim Henman to Andy Murray to create heart stopping moments for us.
The deft Frenchman was playing so well, with finesse and poise and all he had to do was serve for the match in the third set...... and it all went wrong for him.
Our young man (Andy Murray) fought so hard to win that set and then in rapidly fading light (it was almost half past nine) he finally ended victorious after 5 sets.
And I have done a quarter of a jig saw puzzle whilst he did it.
The morning was spent preparing for our entry into the world of Dorking antiques tomorrow.
I think we are pretty well organised now.
I hope we fit in and our things attract customers in this little shop. There are about 13 or 14 people selling there in a much smaller area than was the Rocking Horse shop - but just like there it seems to be a happy bunch of amateurs playing at having some fun and hopefully making a bit of money.
Mam wondered why there was no website for the shop! It just isn't that sort of place. Word gets round quickly on the old grapevine - and at least in Dorking West Street is famed for its antiques shops, both classy and others less so.
After lunch I went to the hospital for my blood test. The woman taking my blood used to go to Southgate West School and I would have had in various classes - many years ago. Lisa is now 41. Hey Lisa - you hurt me! I used to be quite friendly with her mother at one time. Maybe I could meet up with her again for Lisa's parents have recently moved back to Crawley.
And that, then, has been my day.
It was a day of sun and cloud - still with some wind. I guess it was warm - but I still managed to feel quite cold. I think this is something else I ought to discuss with the endocrinologist on Friday.
Jamie has put some family pictures on the jjjj blog - after the filmlet of John dancing yesterday.
Some people reading this may remember that I was most concerned about my friend Mo's grand daughters who were born at 24 weeks. One didn't live for long - but Beth is beginning to thrive and had her first trip out in the pram yesterday. She is 12 weeks old and may soon be able to go home.
I phoned Dee in France this morning to discuss our plans to go over and see them. Poor Dee will be indisposed because she is having surgery on her Achilles tendon later in the month. She has suffered for some years with a disease that affects muscles and tendons and has had a lot of pain.
We shall still go to France. We had planned to hire a car anyway and will be happy to use their home in the converted old school house in a hamlet in the middle of nowhere as our base. This will be at the end of August.
Well, time for Goodnight.
I guess I shall have pictures of our new little venture for you tomorrow evening.