Thursday, February 25, 2010


It lives to chew for another day.

OK -I accept that I went a bit over the top yesterday evening!
But I was feeling distinctly un-nerved.
Sooner or later I will have to go through it again.
Mr Patch it Up, my dentist, reached for his tools and decided to give me an easy ride.
The tooth still had quite a substantial base to it, he thought, and he chose to add a sort of crown to it.
This involved no pain for me at all.
But I was warned - the tooth was warned - that if it behaves badly again, it will have existed its last in my mouth.
I have a plate with false teeth on, all ready to receive another.
Now I just feel lots of sympathy for those who sympathised with me - some still waiting for the appointment to have teeth extracted.

Anyway, I stepped out, not in a state of shock as I expected.
I felt able to continue with chores - parcels to be posted and food to be bought.
The trip to Lidl turned into a major shopping expedition.
So we have enough food in the house.
I bought 2 more pomelos. They are fiddly to peel and prepare, but make a huge fruit salad.... with some sugar.

This afternoon I described 6 more items for EBay. This includes a 1951 Rupert Annual.

I think the bottom has dropped out of the Rupert market.
When I began wheeling and dealing, such an early Rupert would have been snapped up.
I believe that nostalgia for Rupert is almost dead. Anybody who has an interest in Rupert already has everything and nobody under the age of 60 cares about the little bear.
We shall see.
Gloomy weather still - and some very heavy rain.
We are faced with a sea of mud in front of the house.
Bill has watched work going on and checked out with the plans. It looks like the huge hole is the base for where the lift will be in the building.
A fence has been erected round the tree that is on the plans to be saved.
Time for a cuppa and some fruit. Good night.