Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Back to routine.

The field in front of our house looks like a battleground.
The trenches are filled with mud, there are wet piles of mud and squelchy mud lies everywhere.
But the work continues.
It seems that the builders will have yet more heavy rain to deal with tomorrow.
Now it looks so dismal, I can almost look forward to a neat building.
Today we have stayed at home - tidying up and finishing up food.
Bill ate up the half a tin of spaghetti hoops, that Ecky had left in the fridge, for breakfast - our niece commented that she hadn't had spaghetti hoops for breakfast since student days!
Half of a huge shepherds pie is ready for tomorrow's main meal.
The first half was consumed this evening.
Other sorting has been done.
We filled in forms to say what athletics meetings we would do this summer season.
I have got our "business" accounts up to date.
And I did another instalment of the Pilgrims Antiques blog.
This week I can conduct you on a tour round the shop.
Bill has repaired the heating again. He awoke in the night to that dreadful over heating stink. All is well again - but how long for?
Apart from the gloomy weather keeping us at home, we stayed home all day for a delivery.
Everybody can tell that tale!
The wood for the flooring we are putting down in the kitchen was due to arrive. It did not.
Tomorrow I must get some things ready to be listed on EBay. One item was listed for the second time today. A man in Australia had bid £71 for a model car, he was the winning bidder and that was the last we heard from him. I am having a few unfortunate occurrences on EBay just now. Bother!
At least one winning bidder has paid today after 2 (very polite and grovelling) reminders.
And that is that for today. Good night.