Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Christmas Day - photos to follow.

Christmas Day will have soon slipped into history for another year.
Tomorrow I will deal with memories and post some photos on the blog.
We got up very late.
My plan was to stay in my nightie all day. But we abandoned that idea and dressed to go for a walk and play with  Ruth and the boys and a young mother from Ukraine and her son.
The boys had a radio controlled boat to power and so Tilgate Lake was the destination.
The rain had stopped and it was quite mild.
Good to get out and have some fresh air.
When we got home I changed back into nightie and dressing gown and cooked the dinner.
The 4 bird roast had gone in the oven before we walked.
It was exceedingly good we thought.
We enjoyed a big dinner - but no pudding. Just didn't need it.
We watched Dr Who......after which I fell asleep for a while.
It has been good.
Hope it has been good for you too.