Monday, June 02, 2014


Yes. it:'s cancer.

well, it has been quite a day.
The consultant, Mr Butler Manuel was kindness itself, not sure I could be coping with such a heavy load. In fact, I am not.
I was not at all surprised to have cancer again. I am surprised that it is a cancer connected to the bladder cancer that I had. I am not looking forward to a month of radio therapy, with daily trips to Guildford in a mini bus.
Today, the support from professional groups hs kicked in. This afternoon two nurses came.
Later  two others came and one made me some scrambled eggs.
People will be back in the morning to help me shower and make breakfast.
Tomorrow I shall order meals from Wiltshire Farm Foods.
There are people coming from social services tomorrow too.
I am not lucky - far from it! Life stinks! But I do feel fortunate that some knowledge and some bullying have taken me to the heart of good care.
Join me in sending love and support to all who suffer.