Sunday, February 25, 2007


Sunday 25th February Beach Restaurant.

I suppose you could say that today was just the day that I dreamed of when I planned my trip to Thailand.
I woke up quite late - so did everybody else.
Before we went out Jamie carried through my battered suitcase, still half full with the things I brought from hom for everybody - there were many books of course and other things for the children, there were DVDs, a wind up torch and a jar of Branston Pickle.
The teddy I had been enchanted by in a charity shop which I bought with John in mind has, as I expected been taken over by Jessica. It sings and plays music and instructs. John has clutched his little Ant and Bee book all day - "My book" he says if anybody asks to look at it.
The day of course was sunny and hot with vivid blues sky - actually it is not always so, for last Sunday there had been rain in the morning.
Jamie is keen to see much of the Phuket heritage to put on his blog and so we stopped at a local temple. We can see the roof from the road, but they had never been to this temple.
Temples have similar styles and then contrasting details and it is good to find some of the little gems off the beaten track.
Jamie's main Phuket blog is beginning to make money for he has included links to hotels, shops etc. The blog is important for him and he dreams of earning his living through websites,
We then drove south to Cape Panwa for lunch. It was not long ago that Jamie and Mam discovered the beach restaurant on the shores of Chalong Bay which is a huge broad inlet separating the two capes in the south.
The water was a deep turquoise, the glistening golden sands were peaceful with no steaming tourist bodies roasting - hardly a person at all.
We sat under the roof of leaves and ordered food, enjoying the view. Dishes arrived and we tucked into sweet and sour prawns, beef and cashew nuts, snapper fish in a lime sauce, a coconut milk and chicken soup and of course a large tureen of rice. I let Jamie and Mam do the ordering and I guess they kept my needs well in mind for nothing was too spicy for me.
Other diners came to fill the adjacent tables and soon we were serenaded with music. A Thai singer - jolly, handsome man singing folk songs and pop songs of the folksy type with a guitar. They were songs I knew well and I loved to hear them in that setting - Streets of London sounded good. And then he sang Fairy Tale of New York. Some people know that this is one of my all time favourite Christmas pop songs by Kirsty McCall and Shane McGowan. I love the song but it often moves me close to tears for it reminds of long ago days when Jamie and Ashley were in their teens and living at home, when they would sing it often. Now I can add this memory to other poignant thoughts - the beach, the sun and my Thai family.
It was just lovely sitting there.
Jamie and me and the children went for a short walk along the beach - yes, I have caught the sun just little.
By the time we were back at the table a friend had arrived with a collection of children. We chatted and then left them so that we coud drive home and rest.
Some have slept and others have relaxed.
In the late afternoon light Jamie, Jessica and I went to another temple - the local one in Kathu village. It was very peaceful there and the building looked fantastic. I have been to the star attraction temple on the island, but this little one pleased me more. It is set amongst the trees, surrounded by the monks' little houses often with gardens tenderly cared for.
We stopped for some beers for Jamie on the way home and I bought a little packet of nibbles - dried coconut and palm sugar it said on the packet. I am sure there was a good amount of chilli in there too - and yet it is tasty.
The evening is progressing. Mam is out and we are assuming she is picking up some take away food of various types to be eaten with rice in he rice cooker.
Later I might put some pictures on the blog. All I have taken so far are now on Jamie's computer.
Right I must get ready or the evening meal - assuming Mam is doing more than just picking up the ironing. You can never be quite sure!
Hey! - Dinner has just arrived. Great!