Thursday, February 08, 2007


3rd February Hayling Island Part 2 Lunch and Beach Huts

We decided to have our lunch at The Inn on the Beach, which had originally been a lifeboat station.

The restaurant was in the part with large windows to the left of this small picture that I found on the internet.

We enjoyed a good roast beef dinner and vegetables from the carvery.
There were interesting views along the beach.
This is the view looking back along the southern edge of the island to the point where we were walking before lunch. Later we investigated the beach huts.
Above is the view looking westwards towards Langstone Harbour, Southsea and Portsmouth.

Beach huts are a peculiarly British feature.

We like beach huts and admire the little communities of people who spend their days on the beach relaxing by their huts.

Some are painted in bright colours. Beach huts always seem to make interesting pictures.

Most were shut up on the day of our visit - early February is not the best time for sitting on the beach, though we did see one hardy couple sitting oustide their hut reading and drinking tea.

The owners of this beach hut have made a good job of the paintwork. I expect they are looking forward to another summer on Hayling Island.

Here is a 1950's post card of the beach huts - known then as bungalows. It is good to see the family gathered round their hut, enjoying their picnic lunch.